Monday Extension Report – July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016

Cherry County Fair August 10-14

Summer is heating up, and the Cherry County 4-H program is gearing up for the Cherry County Fair August 10-14.

I have a couple reminders for 4-H members, leaders, and Parents.

4-H Shooting Sports Trap practices

There are two 4-H Shooting Sports Trap practice opportunities left, July 20 and 27 starting at 6:30 PM in the southeast area of the Cherry County Fairgrounds. 4-Hers that want to compete in the County Fair trap contest on Friday, August 5 need to attend the practices. Call the Extension Office to RSVP your attendance 2 days prior to the practice.

4-H fair entries are due Monday, July 25

All 4-H fair entries are due next Monday, July 25. Entries are due for everything except for what goes to the Exhibit Hall. You can also pre-enter those Static exhibits that go into the Exhibit Hall if you would like. It is not required, but it will make entry day go a lot smoother for you.


Scout for weeds from the swather cab

Ranchers, I have a note for you today too. I want to talk a little about weed control. Hay harvest may seem like a strange time to be thinking about weed control, but actually it is a great time to identify weed infestations in your hay meadows. The view from the swather cab provides the operator a unique perspective. You should make sure the swather operator has a notepad in the cab so they can make a quick note about any weed problems they see.

Canada thistle is a great example of a weed where this type of information can be very useful. If you come back to those Canada thistle patches later in the fall, you will see regrowth that is at a perfect stage to spray with a herbicide. Those patches will be difficult to find. However, if you took good notes this summer when you were mowing you will know exactly where to look.


As always, you can call the extension office at 402-376-1850 for more information.


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