Monday Extension Report – November 20, 2017

November 20, 2017

Valentine’s Heart of Christmas Celebration

Valentine’s Heart of Christmas Celebration is coming up Saturday November 25. It is a combined effort by several organizations to show appreciation to area businesses for their support throughout the year.  The celebration includes a Christmas Tree Contest, Art Show, and even a parade of lights!

Cherry County 4-H is doing their part by serving cookies and hot chocolate after the parade at Country Pride Co-op on Main Street. Santa will be there too!

4-H members and parents, don’t forget that we need cookies and helpers to serve the cookies and hot chocolate after the parade! See the latest 4-H alert for more details.


Dormant seeding grasses

I want to switch gears and talk about dormant seeding. The time is nearing when we can dormant seed grasses, including turf grass. An article in the latest UNL Hort Update provides some good information.

The best time to seed cool season turfgrass is late August/early September. Two other seeding times are spring and dormant seeding. Dormant seeding is defined as such because seed lies dormant until soil temperatures warm in April or May. Dormant seeding can be done as early as Thanksgiving or as late as March in most locations. The key is to seed after the soil is cold enough that germination will not occur until after soils warm in spring. The benefit of dormant seeding is as soil heaves and cracks during winter, crevices are created for seed to fall into, providing ideal germination conditions in spring. Dormant-seeding may be easier to schedule than spring seeding, because spring rains can make it difficult to seed after March.

There are risks with dormant seeding. It is most effective if weather remains cold enough to delay germination until spring. Occasionally, extended warm periods in winter could allow seed to germinate, and seedlings may then be killed by ensuing cold weather. As with any seeding, soil preparation needs to be done prior to seeding. For dormant seeding, this would be in fall before the soil freezes. If using dormant seeding, monitor the area in mid spring for the need to do additional over-seeding.


As always, you can call the extension office at 402-376-1850 for more information.