Monday Extension Report – March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017

Home Food Preservation class – Canning – Saturday, March 18

There will be a home food preservation that focuses on canning on Saturday, March 18 at the Episcopal Church parish hall Valentine. The class starts at 1 PM, CT and cost $15. David Lott, Horticulture Extension Educator, and Pat Jones, Food and Nutrition Extension Educator, will be teaching the class. All activities will emphasize the latest USDA home food preservation techniques for safe home food canning.

Class topics are as follows:

  • Safe Canning Processes –
  • Canning Equipment Selection and Maintenance –
  • Water Bath Canning –
  • Pressure Canning –

This is a hands on class with actual canning involved. Adults as well as 4-H youth are invited to participate.

You must call the Extension Office to pre-register by Wednesday, March 15.

Communication & Expressive Arts Contest, Friday, March 24th, 6:00 PM CT

March 15 is also the new entry deadline for the rescheduled Communication & Expressive Arts Contest that will be Friday, March 24th at 6:00 PM CT, in the auditorium of the Valentine High School.

Commercial/Non-commercial pesticide applicator trainings coming soon

Finally, Commercial/Non-commercial pesticide applicators don’t for get that your certification and re-certification classes are coming up in a couple weeks. The initial certification training for new Commercial and non-commercial pesticide applicators is Tuesday, March 21. The recertification training for those Commercial/Non-commercial pesticide applicators whose license expires this year is Wednesday, March 22. You must register for those classes online at

As always, you can call the extension office at 402-376-1850 for more information.