Monday Extension Report – August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016

2016 Cherry County Fair – Thanks for the help!

The Cherry County Fair is over for another year. I want to commend the Ag society on another great job. I also want to say thanks to all the buyers at the 4-H/FFA livestock sale, the kids would not be able to afford to do market livestock projects without your support. Thanks also to Greg and Lisa at the Valentine Livestock Auction for conducting the sale.

Lastly I want to say thanks to the many many volunteers that worked so hard to make it happen. I almost never name individual volunteers because every volunteer is important and the list is long. However, this time I’m going to make an exception and give a shout out to Danny O’Kief. Danny is the head of the 4-H Livestock committee and long after everyone else was headed home, he was still there making sure all of the panels were taken down and put away and that all of the animals from the sale ended up in the right place. Thanks Danny, next year we will try to do a better job of making sure you don’t get left literally holding all of the panels at the end of the day. Danny’s not the only one, it’s all of the volunteers that make the fair go. So kids, if you bump into someone you saw volunteering at fair, make sure you tell them thanks.

State Fair Exhibits in the 4-H office by 9 am August 23

I want to remind everyone who had a 4-H Exhibit qualify to go to State Fair that you need to read the note we gave you when you picked up your exhibit. Please follow the instructions. The exhibits that we are taking down need to be in our office by 9:00 AM next Tuesday, August 23. Please do not be late.


Gudmundsen Sandhills Laboratory open house Wednesday, August 24

Ranchers the Gudmundsen Sandhills Laboratory open house is coming soon. The open house is Wednesday, August 24 from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm Mountain Time at the ranch north of Whitman.

The morning agenda includes a Cattle market situation, outlook and issues presentation, and a producer panel and presentation on yearling enterprises and yearling management systems.

The afternoon includes research updates on pasture fly management, grazing systems, beef reproduction and others. Click here for the complete agenda.

Please RSVP online here or call (800) 657-2113 or send e-mail to by August 22, 2016, for the complimentary lunch. We’ve got a different caterer this year.


As always, you can call the extension office at 402-376-1850 for more information.