Monday Extension Report – February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017

Thanks for a Successful Luck of the Draw

I hope everyone had a great Bull Bash weekend. Thanks to everyone who supported the Luck of the Draw Fundraiser; the item donors, volunteers, KVSH, Bull Market Beer and Grill, and of course thanks to everyone who bought tickets. A special thank you goes to Maggie Cox for the great job she did spearheading the event.

They’ve spent the morning sorting through all of the items that weren’t picked up at the drawing. This afternoon and tomorrow our office will be calling the lucky winners to let them know they have an item to pick up.

Quicken Workshop for Farmers and Ranchers – Thursday, Feb. 16

We still have room for two more people in the Quicken for Farmers and Ranchers Workshop on Thursday. The workshop is from 11:00 to 3 pm at the Extension Office in Valentine. This workshop is limited so please make sure you have called our office if you plan to attend. The cost to attend is $20 per person. This will be an intermediate level workshop designed for people who are at least familiar with Quicken. If you know nothing about Quicken give us a call and we can direct you to some online videos that will give you basic understanding, and help you prepare for the workshop on Thursday.

Commercial and Non/Commercial pesticide applicator recertification – February 23

Commercial and Non/Commercial pesticide applicator recertification training is February 23, that’s Thursday of next week. The class will be at the Cherry County Extension Office. You need to register ahead of time online at under the certification and licensing tab. You can also call the state pesticide education office in Lincoln at 1-800-627-7216.

This recertification class is for license holders whose license expired this year. The initial certification training for new Commercial and non-commercial pesticide applicators is Tuesday, March 21.

BeefWatch Newsletter – journey from replacement heifer to mature cow

Finally, I want to give a plug for the Nebraska Extension Beef Team’s BeefWatch newsletter and podcast. Those are easy to access at This month there is a thought provoking article on the critical leg of the journey from replacement heifer to mature cow. Right before calving that first calf heifer needs to be gaining 2 pounds a day just to account for growth of both her and the fetus. That’s what it takes to just maintain body condition. Then after calving her nutrient demands really start to skyrocket. Of all the classes of cattle on your ranch, these young girls are the most sensitive to nutrient shortages. You can skimp on her when she’s a developing heifer, and you can skimp on her when she’s a mature cow, but you are shooting yourself in the pocketbook if you skimp on her between now and when green grass is in full swing. Read the article. It will explain why. Once again that’s in the BeefWatch newsletter, just go to


As always, you can call the extension office at 402-376-1850 for more information.